Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where I've Been

In February three very unexpected events blew in like a blizzard wind into my life.  The first one is that a local charity informed us that they were going to do a real-life version of an extreme home make-over on our home over a weekend and send our family on an all-expense paid vacation to a tourist attraction here in the DFW area called "The Great Wolf Lodge" while they did it.  Then the very next day we received unexpected news that my father in law had suddenly passed away.  And while all of this was going on I was given a semi-promotion at work that totally changed my schedule (for the better).  This is pretty much why my online time has been almost non-existent lately (except for brief periods I can log in to check things on my phone).

The moment my husband arrived back in town from his father's funeral the home make-over began, and I never dreamed that this one event could help me so much with embracing my year's word, "forward".  The change out of carpets, furniture, and energy in our home has really opened my eyes about the "home" I was living in, both literally and emotionally inwardly.  While I've been sorting this out I feel my heart becoming full of things to share again, but have been just trying to figure out where to start and incorporate blogging into a schedule that works.

So I'm hoping to be back asap.  In the meantime, here are some home make-over photos.

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  1. What a roller-coaster ride!

    I am sorry to hear about your father-in-law but thrilled that you had a home makeover and a promotion.

    Blog when you can. xo

  2. My sympathies about your father-in-law. Wonderful news about the better work schedule and the home makeover -- wow! Beautiful photos of a beautiful home -- congratulations and enjoy it! May this be the start of an upward swing in all things!